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An independent, nonpartisan non-profit organization founded in 2012, HURIC relies on support from a powerhouse of partners and volunteers. Our volunteers want to make a difference, and their work at HURIC is significant to each of them. Our volunteers motivate us to continue to strive—and we do the same for them. The elimination of social injustices that mostly culminate into Human Rights abuses in the region and that research tools, laws and policies are used as principal tools for the promotion and protection of Human Rights in the region especially Uganda. HURIC realizes this through a set of programs that include:

(1) Human Rights Research and Documentation

(2) Health And Human Rights Advocacy

(3) Human Rights Training Programs (Training of Trainers (T.O.Ts)

Our Vision

To have a society in which human rights form the foundation of all decisions and interventions affecting the health and welbeing of people.

Our programmes seek to build societies committed to inclusion, human rights, and justice in which the related laws, policies, and practices reflect human rights values and based on evidence. We work to advance the health and human rights on critical issues such as sexual and reproductive health rights, environmental protection, trade and health, and medical ethics which affect the vulnerable and less-advantaged populations such as women, children, orphans, sexual minorities, people living with HIV/AIDS, persons with disabilities such as persons with mental disequilibrium, internally-displaced persons, refugee populations and victims of violence, torture, disasters and conflict.

HURIC does this through Research, strengthening the capacity of communities, grass root civil society and organizations to enhance active citizenship and volunteerism, advocating for greater government accountability and transparency in human rights to include the Economic Social and Cultural Rights. The Laws that impacts on the economic social and cultural rights, including both access to health care and the underlying determinants of the economic social and cultural rights, conform to universal human rights norms. These laws are enforced in a manner that protects and promotes the health and human rights of all. And when people experience human rights abuses that threaten their health, they have access to justice.

In HURIC, we put a lot of emphasis on research, to support civil society and affected communities through empowering them to use human rights advocacy, training of the leaders and legal tools to advance their health and human rights. We stand with human rights lawyers to ensure their political and financial independence to fight for a full range of human rights in health issues. We envision legal professionals of all kinds—lawyers, paralegals, judges, academics, legislators—dedicating their professional skills to better the health and human rights of the most marginalized and vulnerable, and collaborating with health professionals to embrace a human rights-based approach to health care.

Our Mission

To promote the well-being of all the people of Uganda by amplifying their voice in the decisions that affect them through empowerment, research and advocacy for a human rights based approach to health and its broader determinants.

We advance our mission by applying the human rights framework to new issues and priority regions, developing individual and organizational leadership in the field of health and human rights, piloting innovative access to justice tools as health-related human rights interventions, advocating for rights-based legal environments that support the health of marginalized groups, and for efforts that advance this mission.

Our Objectives

To apply the health and human rights framework to the health issues affecting the society such as, the health of immigrants, Health Human Resource retention, Decriminalization of marginalized groups like the sexual minorities, Harm reduction (including treatment of drug dependence), Health financing, sexual and reproductive health rights, Intellectual disability, Intellectual Property Rights, Pharmaceutical industry transparency and accountability and Tuberculosis Rights.

To develop civil society organizational leadership (at national, regional, and international levels) to encourage active citizenship.

To apply the health and human rights framework to the issue of patient care and priority regions.

To pilot legal empowerment, lawyering for the marginalized and health-legal partnership as a health-related human rights intervention.

To advocate for rights-based legal environments for health, gender transition, health conditions in the Public Health sector in the East African Region.

To increase the level of engagement in research among academic staff and the quality of research outputs produced, strategically building the strength and capacity of the research base in HURIC.

To ensure that research and scholarly work, including original research by staff, underpin high quality learning and enhance greater knowledge production from our research works through empowering our professional staff to motivate them to disseminate and critically apply research through partnerships.


Core Values


We don’t discriminate on the following basis: race, religion, age, gender, national origin, tribe, marital status, disability, political affiliation or opinion, and social or economic standing.


We respect the autonomy and privacy of our clients and do not divulge information of our clients to the public. We are to use the information for the purpose of solving their problems. Where we wish to make use of such information other than for our internal purposes, the informed consent of the client is sought.

Professional ethics

We exercise and promote the ethical principles of fairness, justice, respect for all people, uphold integrity and the highest standards of professional responsibility.


We promote interventions and social investments that are prudent and aim to deliver the greatest positive change for the greatest number of people, on the foundations of transparency, value for resources, relevance, sustainability, and other recognized tenets of accountability.


We aspire to treat the people with whom we work as social agents rather than as merely victims requiring a service. Our interventions should raise our clients’ knowledge, capacity, and confidence to stand up for themselves and to solve health rights violations using the appropriate and available mechanisms.

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We are proud to be recognized by Charity Navigator and by Guide Star with its Nonprofit Profile’s Gold Participation Level for our commitment to nonprofit transparency.