People’s Health Movement-Uganda, is Part of the People’s Health Movement Global,  A network of health activists, organized through direct health rights research, advocacy, lobbying, and activism.

About the People’s Health Movement

The People’s Charter for Health – PCH, is the framework within which PHM acts and offers strategic guidance to the movement. It is both a tool for advocacy and a framework for action. By endorsing the Charter one becomes part of PHM. The PCH endorses the Alma Ata declaration, and affirms health as a social, economic and political issue but above all, a fundamental human right.

The Cape Town Call to Action, adopted at the Third people’s Health assembly in Cape Town, South Africa, deepens and updates the analysis in the PCH

Vision of PHM: “Equity, ecologically-sustainable development and peace are at the heart of our vision of a better world – a world in which a healthy life for all is a reality; a world that respects, appreciates and celebrates all life and diversity; a world that enables the flowering of people’s talents and abilities to enrich each other; a world in which people’s voices guide the decisions that shape our lives….”



  • To promote Health for All through an equitable, participatory and inter-sectoral movement and as a Rights Issue.
  • To advocate for government and other health agencies to ensure universal access to quality health care, education and social services according to people’s needs and not their ability to pay.
  • To promote the participation of people and people’s organisations in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of all health and social policies and programmes.
  • To promote health along with equity and sustainable development as top priorities in local, national and international policymaking.
  • To encourage people to develop their own solutions to local health problems.
  • To hold local authorities, national governments, international organisations and corporations accountable.