The Constitution of any country is the best practical hope – Keynote by Denis J Bukenya, Constitutional Courts of Kenya, Uganda, Ghana among others to the Sunday Times Literary Awards, Summer Place, 29 June 2015


Kenya, Ghana and South Africa in Africa are seen as leaders on the African continent in attaining democracy and universal franchise for the entire people. On the other hand the social and economic problems of poverty, deprivation, racism, xenophobia, discrimination, crime, lack of access to health services, education and justice remain a blotch and a enervating obstacle to the future well-being of all the inhabitants. Poverty isn’t only a lack of income but also of education, healthcare, dignity, inclusion. Overcoming poverty isn’t a gesture of charity; it’s an act of justice. So looking at the present situation you get a clear indication that these Africa constitutional leaders as highlighted in the above struggle with embracing the values, spirit and meaning of the Bill of Rights.

The arts module for training present a unique and well tested medium to visually communicate those values central to all human rights, as contained in the preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Bill of Rights. To this end Human Right Research Documentation Center (HURIC), wishes to invite more scholars to poetically create new work modules for share with the aim to inspire all African countries with the values, spirit and meaning of the Bill of Rights as per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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