Training of Trainers

The Training of Trainers replenishes Human Rights to be understood, cherished and promoted by everyone such that they benefit from them.

HURIC has aimed at creating and supporting informal networks of trainers and multipliers in human rights education. These trainers and multipliers, after receiving initial training at the African Youth Centre, have been able to, from and within their youth organisations or institutions, contributing to the training and education of other key multipliers as well as to the development of projects for support and advocacy of human rights education. Former participants in these courses play an imperative role in the human rights education scene in their countries and organisations.

Civil society is resorting to human rights to secure social, political, and economic objectives they have sought for decades.

Hands-on training combines short presentations with interactive activities. Participants analyze situations from their own experiences and evaluate how applying a human rights framework would change their approach to solving problems within their community.

The trainings like Participatory Reflection and Action (PRA) a model cherished by HURIC, provides tools, including organizational assessments, case studies, and implementation models to help organizations create an action plan for using human rights principles. Participants receive copies of the Powerpoint presentations, training manual, and other materials as deemed fit for that purpose.